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Is There An Upside Down Mortgage Solution?
How can I get out of an upside down mortgage?

Yes, there is an upside down mortgage solution and we'll show you how you can get out of PAYING that upside down mortgage without foreclosing and defaulting....or short sale!

Here we are about to enter into 2017. The current economic environment is unprecedented in our lifetime. Lot's of uncertainty. Many home owners are intentionally defaulting on mortgage payments known as a strategic default (which is not a good idea because now they are going after these types of defaulters) because of upside down mortgages that they simply can't get out of, not just because they just can't make the payments (for some this is a reality) but because they feel financially and economically it does not make sense to throw good money after bad. After all why continue to put money in a bad investment? Banks walk away from bad investments all the time. So do Wall street investors. Why can't homeowners? You can. Read on...

Well home owners who are financially saavy are walking away from bad mortgages in droves. Many are willing to take the temporary hit on their credit and simply prepare before they walk away from the mortgage and property attached to it. The banks and lenders are now engaged in campaigns to make these homeowners feel guilty or afraid to walk away from a bad investment. However it makes sense not to put anymore money into an investment gone bad or cannot give any return at all. You won't go to jail for breaking your mortgage contract. Just like a car repossession it shows up on your credit report and life goes on. Doesn't mean you should do this though. 

The question is, is there a way to walk away from your mortgage without risking your credit or taking the credit hit? Yes there is. The Mortgage Relief Program via Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc.

There's also the question of is there a solution to simply walking away from a bad mortgage situation such as an upside down mortgage or because of an unforeseen economic situation such as severe reduction of income, unemployment, divorce, etc.?

Yes. There is. Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. has been offering homeowners this type of upside down mortgage solution for over 14 years now. Instead of just simply succumbing to economic default (unintentional foreclosure) or strategic default (intentional foreclosure) where the result will be the same, the Mortgage Relief Program offered by Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. offers home owners in a bad mortgage situation, (ie: under water mortgage or upside down mortgage,) the ability to get their house in order to lessen the impact of either type of default. 

How do we take over your upside down mortgage payments and you move on?
Okay, we take over the mortgage payments and house. Lenders and banks do not care who pays the mortgage or where the payment comes from just as long as it gets paid. All we ask is simply this, allow us to get authorization from you to send to your lender or bank notifying them that payments will be coming from us and to send all notices, request for payments, etc to us. We also require you to sign over the property to our trustee and record the new ownership in your local county recorders office in your local city where the property is. After all why would we pay a mortgage on a property we don't own?  

It makes sense to at least look at the benefits offered via the Mortgage Relief Program before simply walking away, foreclosing and taking the credit hit. Why take the credit hit when you don't have to? Even if you are willing to take it and your credit rating is already bad it will give you the time needed to get another home to possibly buy or at least rent for probably much less than you are paying now. Not to mention the immediate financial relief of having that former mortgage payment stay in your bank account or pockets to do as you please to get your self some stability financially again. 

Why throw good money after bad? Let Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. take over that upside down or under water mortgage. This is what we do. We will get that mortgage paid until we can satisfy that mortgage. We may be able to sell the property when the market allows. Can or will your realtor pay your mortgage until your house sells? No, but we will. We are real estate investors. This is what we do. We take over mortgage payments and you move on.

Short sale? 
Okay. You have been told that perhaps a short sale of your home is really the best option. It could be, depending on what your game plan is. Of course realtors will offer this as the only and best option, however a short sale will have the same credit score impact as if you had a foreclosure. After all realtors need business too. Most realtors will not tell you this upfront but the knowledgeable and honest ones will. 

There is a study done by guess who? Fair Issac corporation. That's right the FICO guys themselves. The ones who make credit scores. No opinions just facts. Put together and sourced by FICO.

Their own study showed that there is a minimal difference on a credit score between a short sale and foreclosure. That's right. Those who had a higher credit score had a greater credit drop and even took longer to recover in some cases! Take a look below:

The FICO people themselves show that Short sale vs Foreclosure is very similar on your credit score!

So...remember the credit score is essentially the same with either. 

The advantage of short sale vs foreclosure is:

1. You can recover and buy quicker if you short sale rather than foreclose

2. It short sale looks better on your report than foreclosure especially when it comes to things like future employment and responsibility. You resolved it with a short sale rather than just walk away and foreclose.

However..... Short sale vs Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc.

So a short sale may be a better option for some. However there is another option. Avoid both short sale and foreclosure. It's your choice. Let Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. take over your upside down or unmanageable mortgage payment. We take over your mortgage payment and you move on.

Imagine struggling to make mortgage payments on a home you no longer can afford or simply don't want to afford for what ever reason. That payment of lets say for example $1200 per month is now an extra $1200 that you can now use to relieve financial stress by paying some bills, putting towards a new residence, buying a car, etc. Now every month you have an extra $1200 to do as you please. Except the payment of $1200 mortgage payment is being paid monthly by Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. not by you! 

Yes. There is an Upside Down Mortgage Solution.

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By Eric Brown